Born an asthmatic child in Germany in 1883, Joe Pilates was determined to overcome his ailments.  At a young age Joe studied the body, as well as Eastern and Western forms of exercise such as Yoga, wrestling, acrobatics, and boxing, among many others.  Joe developed a series of floor routines that demanded balance, flexibility, strength, power, agility and acute mental focus in order to execute them correctly.  He called his method "Contrology" (using the mind to control the body).  He went one step further by combining his engineering skills with his knowledge of health and the body to design specialized exercise apparatus using springs, pulleys and movable platforms to create variable-resistance workouts.  The equipment aids in making your weaknesses your strengths!  Between the two World Wars, Joe moved to NYC, where his unique approach to fitness quickly caught on as an "underground" phenomenon.  Most of the "Master Teachers" (original students of Joseph Pilates who went on to assimilate and teach his work) were professional dancers.  Still, it is completely inaccurate to believe that one must be a dancer to benefit from Joe's work!  As often happens with true genius, Pilates' body/mind approach to working out was about 50 years ahead of its time.

Why Pilates?

There are countless reasons why you should be implementing Pilates into your regularly scheduled workout regime.  The reasons why may vary from one person to another depending on your specific goals.  Were you just thinking you don’t even have a workout regime?  There is no better time to start than now… before your aching back or poor posture tell you it’s time!  When we say there are countless reasons why, we’re not exaggerating!


  • build strength, stability and endurance
  • improve posture
  • enhance body awareness
  • boost lung capacity
  • increase flexibility
  • develop better coordination and balance
  • find stress relief from the daily grind
  • create longer leaner muscles
  • prevent injury