Owner, Director, Senior Teacher, Teacher Trainer

"I believe with improved self awareness comes the ability to understand our self from the inside out.  When we truly know our self, we can then learn to accept our self and when we accept our self we can learn to love our self and others.  Only then can we find true happiness and contentment in life.  I love to work with open minded people who are curious about finding ways to become a better version of themselves.  I want to help you be free to move without any limitations.  I want you to be confident in your movement and aware of how to care for your body so that you can participate in activities/hobbies that you love to do with more zest and pleasure.  As your teacher, my goal is to guide you to find ways to live a content, fulfilled and happy life."

Movement has always played a major role in Moxie Mind & Body Owner, Aubrey Johnson's life. It was through the dance community Aubrey discovered Pilates and all it has to offer. “Pilates gave me a whole new outlook on how I should be using and moving my body, not just in the dance studio, but in my everyday life. If I wanted to age gracefully I knew I had to start making some positive changes in the unnatural movement patterns I adopted being in the dance world for so long." As her passion for the Pilates method grew, she knew it was her mission to share the method that Joe Pilates created years ago and pass it on to anyone and everyone who wants to learn.  

Aubrey received her BA in dance from Point Park University. She is a PMA certified teacher and received her comprehensive training through Power Pilates in NYC. Aubrey is also a teacher trainer for Power Pilates and annually holds mat and comprehensive trainings at the studio. She regularly attends continuing education workshops and seminars to further her knowledge and education. In 2013, Aubrey auditioned and was accepted as one of only twelve people from around the world for a program at Vintage Pilates in LA entitled "The Work." Through this program she had the privilege of studying with world renowned teacher and Pilates elder, Jay Grimes (who studied directly with Joe and Clara Pilates.)  Upon completion of "The Work", Aubrey was selected to continue her mentorship with Jay at Vintage Pilates for the next iteration of the program, entitled "Teaching the Work".  Concurrently Aubrey also mentors and assists under another world renowned teacher, Kathi Ross-Nash, through her program The Red Thread©. 

Aubrey's hope is to provide you with a studio where you can feel at home and have fun while putting some time, energy and effort into becoming a better version of yourself.

All teachers at Moxie Mind & Body are required to be fully certified or currently be pursuing a certification through a high standard and accredited training program. You will not find teachers with a quick weekend certification here. All of our teachers have completed 600+ hours of training before receiving their Pilates certification.



"I believe that knowledge is power. If we can gain awareness of how we move, acknowledge our flaws, and find a balance in mobility and stability in the body, then we can begin to achieve the most efficient and healthy version of ourselves. If you are open minded, ready to learn and put in the work, I can help you to understand your body, how you move, and how to create that balance in yourself. As your teacher, I want you to feel empowered by the knowledge that you gain and feel confident to live your life to the fullest without having to worry if your mind and body will be able to keep up." 

Allison Castello has always been fascinated by movement. She found Pilates in high school when looking for a way to improve mobility and stability in her body for dance. She became passionate about the work and knew she wanted to share it with others. She went on to receive a BA in Dance Performance from Point Park University. While in college, Allison participated in the mat and Comprehensive Training Programs through Power Pilates to become a certified Pilates teacher. Allison understands that movement can be used in multiple facets. However, through through teaching and her own experiences, Allison has witnessed how movement heals. She continues to dive deeper through the layers of Pilates, hoping she can continue to help empower those she teaches through movement.




Kiley Coulter, originally from New Castle, was introduced to Pilates while attending Slippery Rock University, where she received a BA in Dance in 2005. Upon graduating, Kiley moved to New York City where she performed with several choreographers and modern dance companies. Her desire to maintain a life-long career in movement inspired Kiley to teach Pilates and she completed Comprehensive (600 + hours) Certification from Power Pilates. Kiley began teaching at the flagship studio for Power Pilates in NYC in July of 2011 and continued until her recent move back to Pittsburgh. She realizes the benefits, both emotional and physical, of practicing Pilates consistently and hopes to pass this on to her students. Kiley strives to challenge and inspire people through movement, and she loves to watch her students grow stronger every week.


Senior Teacher, Health/Lifestyle Coach

"If you walk through the door with an open mind, I can help you define, achieve, and exist as the best version of yourself.  If you're willing to put in the work, I can help you attain freedom of the mind and the body.  Because I believe this is something we all deserve in life.  With this freedom, you will confidently be able to handle, tackle and enjoy all that life throws at you."

Cecile Elias holds a Bachelor of Science in Fitness and Wellness from California University. She began teaching Pilates in 2004, is currently PMA certified, comprehensively certified through Power Pilates in New York, and has also studied with PHI, Stott and Core Dynamics. Other training includes yoga, TRX, group fitness, senior fitness, special cases, prenatal fitness and personal training.  Cecile began Pilates at 15 years old as a way to exercise with a broken ankle. Because of Pilates, today Cecile enjoys better stability, strength, balance and flexibility than she had in her youth as a competitive dancer and cheerleader.  

As she began her training, she realized the benefits of staying classical in the work. She is always eager to expand her knowledge and continues her education through regular workshops, conferences and lectures.  Currently, Cecile is enrolled in Clare Dunphy's Advanced Teacher Program and has been accepted into The Red Thread by Kathi Ross-Nash for 2019. In 2016, Cecile completed Mejo Wiggin's Classical Syllabus Program.  

Cecile is passionate about living and promoting a healthy lifestyle.  Cecile is a Primal Blueprint Health Coach and has completed the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification by Mark Sisson and Master your Mind, Master your Weight, a weight management certification course by Lily Hills.  She is pleased to share her knowledge and experience through diet and lifestyle coaching here at Moxie Mind & Body.  Cecile can also be found sharing diet and lifestyle tidbits on KQV radio's "Wellness Minute". 


Teacher, Graphic Designer

Susie Golebie began practicing pilates in 2006 to regain mobility from a "frozen shoulder." The results were immediate and she was hooked. Susie's passion for pilates and her desire to help others led her to obtain Beginner and Intermediate Mat training with Power Pilates. She then completed the 600-hour Comprehensive Training program. Susie constantly seeks to learn more both as a teacher and in her personal practice; she regularly attends pilates continuing education sessions as well as workshops on anatomy, movement and fitness. Susie hopes to inspire and motivate clients with her enthusiasm and love of pilates.


Teacher, Studio Maintenance Manager

Genevieve Hower began practicing Pilates in 2008 to close diastasis rectii that had developed during her second pregnancy. Not only did Pilates help correct the issue, but she loved the way her body felt and was amazed at how much she enjoyed the classes. She practiced Pilates through her entire third pregnancy and credits Pilates with helping her to bounce back quickly afterwards. After seeing and feeling the changes Pilates brought about in her own body, Genevieve decided to go through teacher training to so she could teach others. In 2012 she completed Power Pilates 600 hour comprehensive certification. Since then she has had experience working with many different kinds of clients at studios in the Pittsburgh area, as well as in Los Altos, California. She has completed continuing education on a variety of topics and looks forward to learning even more and deepening her understanding of the body and how movement can help to heal it.
Genevieve is a native of Pittsburgh and lives in the East End with her three sons, husband, and many cats. She enjoys knitting and baking, and she and her husband run marathons together.



"Increased self-awareness and well-being will help you walk taller in the world, have energy to share, and shine.  If you’re looking for an opportunity to improve yourself, I can help you adopt healthy movement patterns so you’ll discover the strength and confidence you need to get more out of life and have a positive impact on others."

Judith is a comprehensively certified teacher through Power Pilates based in NYC.  With the goal of developing increased balance, strength, and coordination, Judith was drawn to Pilates, especially the classical method.  Having found amazing physical and emotional well-being through Pilates inspired her to become a teacher.  Judith loves to share her passion for Pilates with clients as they share a continuous learning experience.




"If you are open to 'opening up'  both physically, mentally and emotionally, I can help you experience an increased quality of life with better functional movement, strength and less stress. I believe everyone should feel positive about themselves and should be able to function in everyday life without pain, stiffness, negativity and tension.  Allowing yourself to move with freedom and opening your mind, will create space in your body and heart to feel lighter and more balanced!"

Caitlin started practicing Pilates 5 years ago after a running injury left her with severe back pain.  She fell in love the Pilates Method and the way it made her feel strong and balanced.  She credits Pilates with helping her to stay in shape and strong through and after both of her pregnancies.  After a few years as a stay at home mom, Caitlin decided to become certified as as a teacher and completed the Power Pilates 600-hour Comprehensive Training in December 2016.   She loves the feeling a Pilates lesson gives her and hopes to share that with her clients as they start and expand on their Pilates journey.  She hopes to learn and grow with her clients and help them experience all the wonderful and amazing things their bodies can do.



Senior Teacher

"Change is not something that we should fear. Rather, it is something that we should welcome. For without change, nothing in this world would ever grow or blossom, and no one in this world would ever move forward to become the person they're meant to be."
Lynn's love for movement started at the early age of 5.  She studied ballet and modern dance for over 30 years. Lynn was first introduced to Pilates in 1991, while in the professional program at The Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance.  She pursued Pilates teacher training in 1998 in the intense 600 hours of training under Romana Kryzanowska , a master teacher trained by Joseph Pilates, and completed her training in December 1999.
Lynn taught Pilates in NYC at Drago's Gym , The Pilates Studio of NY,  Reebok Sports Club, and The New School. And in New Jersey at The Atlantic Club and Center for Pilates Red Bank.
She continued her Pilates education with the late Romana Kryzanowska, Sari Santo, Bob Liekens, Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt.
Lynn is also a Jivamukti Yoga and Ashtanga yoga teacher ( certified 1997 and 2002). She is currently studying Yoga Tune Up ( anatomy based training) with Jill Miller.
Lynn is a faculty member at Pittsburgh Ballet theatre, BYS Yoga , and XShadyside. She also runs a 200 hour Classical Yoga Teachers training at BYS Yoga.


Teacher, Studio Manager

“‘When you are through change, you are through.’ I want to help you find ways to breakdown your mental and physical barriers regarding Pilates and being fit. Regardless if you are new to Pilates or have been doing it for years, I am eager and willing to help you learn something new about yourself.  I want you to be able to see the benefits Pilates can provide you (through the changes in your mind and body) in the long term so you can make it a part of your lifestyle.” Michele believes Pilates is for everyone. 

Michele’s journey into Pilates began as a student taking mat classes in 2007. She decided in 2009 to make a somewhat drastic career change and began her training to become a Pilates teacher.  She completed her Comprehensive training through Power Pilates in 2011 and has maintained her certification through continuing ed. Starting out Michele thought of Pilates as ‘just’ an exercise to complement her cardio workouts. But now finds Pilates a necessity in her workouts to help her body, mind and soul to keep up with her 3 young children. Michele is fascinated by the changes her own body has been capable of making through her Pilates practice and as a teacher loves to have her clients experience those changes as well. Michele has also discovered with Pilates that less daily aches and pains are experienced when you incorporate intelligent daily movement.  She loves the openness and fluidity she feels even if she can only squeeze in a quick 10 minutes of mat work at home. She often likes to share little tidbits of homework with her clients to work on when they are away from the studio. Michele is ready to help you change your body in a way that just might change your life.



Sue Williams began her pilates training as a student to strengthen her lower back after an injury. After experiencing the many benefits of Pilates including improved posture, flexibility and strength, Sue wanted to share this with others and teaching was the natural progression. She is a comprehensively certified pilates instructor through Power Pilates of New York. As an ongoing student of the discipline herself, Sue loves the new challenges that pilates constantly presents and enjoys sharing the rewards and experiences with her students.