I had the opportunity to have a work out in this studio while visiting Pittsburgh. Aubrey has put together a really appealing spot to improve your mind and body. The studio is clean, very appealing to the eye and extremely functional. Time went so fast I couldn’t believe the hour was up (besides the massive amounts of sweat from the awesome workout). Being a disabled veteran with moderately severe orthopedic conditions (former paratrooper), I thought I was doomed to a life of painkillers and very limited function. Pilates is one of the main reasons I can walk, have any range of motion with about half of my articulating joints and it has decreased my pain overall by half. Thank you, Aubrey, for being someone who has mastered her craft. I will be back!
— B. Kelly
I first went to Moxie Mind and Body Pilates in September 2014 after a knee injury kept me from my usual running routine and I needed an alternative exercise plan. At the time, I experienced almost constant neck and shoulder pain from a history of whiplash, I was about 15 pounds overweight, and at 44, I was worried about keeping up with my two year old daughter. Aubrey and the teachers at Moxie Mind and Body Pilates have helped me to change my body. I am stronger, more fit, and pain free. I lost the excess weight, and most importantly, I have the energy and vitality to keep up with my daughter. At age 45, I feel I have the best body of my life. Aubrey and her teachers are incredibly knowledgeable, down-to-earth, and truly interested in helping you achieve your goals. Pilates is an amazing exercise system, and Moxie is the place to fully experience all Pilates has to offer.
— M. Somova
I’m a 55 year old man with degenerative disc disease in my neck and low back. I have been practicing Pilates at Moxie Mind and Body for 2 and a half years and can honestly say that my experience there has been transformational. For years, I fought debilitating pain and reduced mobility using steroid injections, physical therapy, massage, and chiropractic treatment, which offered short term relief but not a lasting solution. My condition continued to decline. My wife talked me into joining her in private lessons with Aubrey at Moxie Mind and Body and, after overcoming my initial misconception that Pilates was designed for hard bodied women, Aubrey was able to guide me in realigning my body, compensating for the disc degeneration by improving my strength, flexibility, and posture to the extent that I feel like a new man. As I watch friends and family members with similar ailments face surgery and deterioration, I am so thankful for the success I have had in rehabilitating my body, increasing my energy and fitness level, and discovering a positive approach to aging. Aubrey and her teachers are extremely knowledgeable in human anatomy & physiology, the implementation of functional exercise programs, and other health and well-being practices. Moxie is a “classical” Pilates studio where the teachers tailor the techniques developed by Joseph Pilates into a 50-55 minute workout that addresses your individual needs. They watch students carefully, noticing and correcting technique and form to improve strength, prevent injury, and ensure maximum benefit. I will continue taking class here as long as I can move!
— D. Hosier
Set right in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh where work, stress and anonymity collide, there exists a bright, lively studio filled with dedicated teachers trained in Joseph Pilates’ methods. Their goal: assist and teach each student with their own personal goals in pilates by continuously learning, growing and pushing themselves in their own Pilates practice. Moxie has become the center in Pittsburgh where Pilates is not only taught, but rejuvenated and renewed with the most well educated and forward thinking teachers, with the most solid foundations in Pilates.
What do I personally find at Moxie Mind & Body Pilates Studio? Peace through precise training, strength through learning and endless updated knowledge, understanding through familiarity, stability through practice and growth, and a sense of home in a physical practice that will be a part of my life for the rest of it.
— J. Gilman
Working with Aubrey has been more than just a “fitness venture.” She is a highly motivated, knowledgeable and consummate professional who is intimately concerned with each client’s individual needs, concerns and goals ~ thus structuring and re-structuring every workout towards achieving those goals safely. I couldn’t recommend her or her studio more highly.
— C. R. McNeilly
I am 57 years old and have been coming to Moxie for about two years now. Two years ago I was suffering from a very bad case of Sciatica which had me on the verge of considering surgery. I am happy to say that because of my Pilates practice I have not had surgery and am in a good pattern of spine and back wellness. Pilates has changed my life for the better... my only regret is that I didn’t begin Pilates sooner. Of course there are the occasional aches and pains but I feel better now than I ever have. Thank you Aubrey and your amazing team.
— S. Wonsock
Pilates gives me a continuation of real progress and real change in my strength, reduced pain from arthritis, and slowed aging because of all of these things.
— C. Lawrey