How do I get started?

Email us at or call the studio at 412.261.2299 to discuss how the Pilates method can best work for you!  After determining your fitness need/goals we can help you decide the best way to start.

  • Most people find beginning with our Introductory 5 private sessions best prepares their body in getting acquainted with the method and equipment safety and set up. 

Health History Form

Prior to your first session all students are required to fill out a health history form.  Arrive 10 minutes early to fill out the form or download and complete it in advance:


How many times a week should I do Pilates?

This depends on your personal goals and budget.  As a standard we recommend 2 to 3 times per week, but the more you practice, the quicker you improve and notice a change in your body.

What should I wear?

Wear something you can comfortably move in that isn’t too baggy.  You will not need shoes.

  • Women:  Fitted shorts/pants, fitted T’s or tanks.  
  • Men:  T-shirts, workout shorts (some choose to wear bike shorts underneath) or pants.

What should I bring to my first session?

  • Yourself!
  • Open mind (required!)
  • Appropriate attire (described above)
  • Bottle of water (optional)
  • Towel (optional)
  • Health Intake Form (optional, link above)

What if I’m recovering from an injury or really out of shape?

Pilates is for EVERYBODY! Our teachers will design a workout to best suit your personal needs and goals. If you are recovering from an injury we always suggest you begin with some private sessions and then go from there.

How soon will I see results?

Everyone is unique. Consistency is key.  Taking what you learn in your sessions and applying it to your daily life will accelerate your body's transformation.  Lasting changes in your body can take time, but it’s important to know after each session you will leave feeling energized and rejuvenated!

There are so many studios out there and my gym or fitness center offers Pilates, why should I come to Moxie Mind & Body instead?

This is a great question and we have several reasons why... 

  • Moxie Mind and Body can offer personal one-on-one Pilates training, something you won't find at your local gym.
  • We offer the highest quality of Pilates training in Downtown Pittsburgh!
  • Our group classes are smaller and more intimate.  The purpose of this is so the teacher is able to give you personal attention and corrections and help ensure everyone in the class is making smart decisions based on their personal needs and goals. 
  • We are a fully equipped studio.  This means we are able to teach the entire Pilates Method as it was meant to be taught.  Many fitness centers or gyms and some studios only offer part of the method or teach it as a fusion with other methods, so it's impossible to receive the full benefit of Pilates when it is taught in that fashion.
  • All teachers at Moxie Mind & Body are required to be fully certified or currently be pursuing a certification through a high standard and accredited training program (600+ hours of training at minimum). No matter where you decide to train, always be sure to ask your teacher about their certification and qualifications.